Survival Unit & Posthuman Aesthetics Symposium

Symposium: Wednesday 9th November 2022, 14.00 – 17.00 – NDH1010

Exhibition: Opening, Wednesday 9th November, 17.30 – 19.30. Run, Thursday 10th November – 2nd December (Weekdays 10 – 17.00). Project Space Plus

For their collaborative exhibition Survival Unit, artists Dean Kenning, and John Timberlake generate an ecology of sound, movement, and image in the gallery. Their ecological environment consists of semi-autonomous robotic ‘crawlers’ and sonorous plant-like ‘sessiles’ bounded by the gallery walls. The exhibition is accompanied by the Posthuman Aesthetics Symposium, where both artists will expand on their collaboration in relation to their own individual practices in the fields of painting and sci-fi (John) and kinetic, robotic and analogue sound sculpture (Dean). They will discuss practical aspects of the work as well as some of the aesthetic and theoretical sources of the exhibition, in the fields of biology, AI, posthuman philosophy, kinetic sculpture and dystopian speculative fiction. The symposium will also include presentations by PhD candidates Elizabeth Sherratt and Hermione Spriggs.

For more info, please contact Steve Klee

A picture containing plant-like forms and a small crawling robot with wires protruding from its back. The plants and robot are sculptures within a gallery. The picture has a solarisation effect applied.
John Timberlake and Dean Kenning, 2022