About The Lincoln Company

The Lincoln Company is Lincoln School of Creative Arts’

company of emerging theatre, dance, art and performance makers.

University of Lincoln. School of Fine and Performing Arts, LPAC
INKA (2019) – The Lincoln Company in association with Bleeding Edge Theatre | Credit: Phil Crow

We are the University of Lincoln’s company-in-residence at Lincoln Arts Centre and each year we work to produce and tour high-quality, original performance to venues and festivals around the UK.

The company is managed by the members who can take on a variety of roles within the company including performing, writing, directing, producing, marketing and providing technical support for our performance work.

Membership is through application, and company members include a mixture of current students, graduates, professional theatre makers, and practising staff from Lincoln School of Creative Arts, based at the University of Lincoln.

The Lincoln Company Team 2023/24

General Manger | Coralie Palmer
| Rachel Baynton [Staff] & James Baker [Student]
Marketing Officers | Katie Seller

TLC Musical Director | post vacant
Technical Manager | Kieran Nisbet
Sustainability Officer | Juno Stafford


LSCA Team 2023/24

LSCA Associate Professor – Creative Engagement Producer | Rachel Baynton
LSCA Staff Representatives | Danny Ridealgh [Lecturer TTSM] & Ollie Smith {Lecturer Drama & Theatre]
LSCA Production Manager | Martin Rousseau
Creative & Executive Director of Lincoln Performing Arts Centre | Ben Anderson
Head of LSCA | Professor Andrew Westerside

Current Members

Alice KellyBeth Gowler

Bryony McNaught [Marketing Officer 2022-24]

Catherine Anderson [Marketing Officer 2022/23]

Charlotte Coope

Coralie Palmer [General Manager 2023/24]

Courtney Walker

Daniel Kemp

Ellen Cross

Ellie Bowers

Eva Hiles

Eve Herrick

Freya Young

Grace Jepson

Helvio Verdial De Araujo

Jack Davey

Jake Lomax

James Baker [Co-Producer 2023/24]

Jessica Aggett

Jessie Ivy Baron

Joseph Pearson

Juno Stafford [Sustainability Officer 2022-24]

Katie Seller

Kieran Nisbet

Lauren Davies [Technical Manager 2022-24]

Liz Burman

Maia Constantinides

Sarah Dodman

Scarlet Hall [Marketing Officer 2022/23]

Sophie Croke

Stephanie Johnson

Tomsk Bromley

Vicky McColl

William Smith

Willow Gordon

Graduate Members

Anastasia Church
Henry Bryan (General Manager 2022/23)
William Dennison (Co-Producer 2022/23)

The Room at the Top of the House (2017) | Credit: The Lincoln Company
The Room at the Top of the House (2017) | Credit: The Lincoln Company

Each year we work to research, develop and produce original performance works, for inclusion in events, programmes and festivals: These pieces might be proposed by members, or led by visiting professional artists. In the past we’ve taken work to different audiences, theatre’s and festivals including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – the world’s largest gathering of audiences, artists, directors, producers, promoters and presenters.

We try to take our shows-in-development to showcases and scratch events so we can receive feedback on the work, access opportunities for networking and additional training, and help build the skills everyone involved in making our work great.

Many Lincoln Company Alumni have gone on to form professional companies of their own, including Flickbook Theatre who embarked on an Arts Council England Funded UK tour, Backpack Ensemble who won three major awards at the 2018 NSDF (including the Sunday Times Play-writing Award) and were invited to perform at Sprint Festival 2018 and The Pleasance, Echo Echo Echo and Push to Shove who we supported to take their work to Edinburgh 2017 and have since both been awarded public funding, and Eggbox Theatre who are based in the East Midlands and specialise in interactive theatre for very young audiences. We have supported these alumni companies through access to resources, advice and support, and are incredibly proud of them and their successes.

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